The first flag created by Chris Mills was done as a favor to a friend. Chris was asked to make a flag out of wood for a retirement gift for a police officer in town.  After a lot of trial and error, the flag was complete and Chris figured it was the last flag he’d ever create. Little did he know how many people would begin asking for a flag of their own. With each new flag Chris perfected the process and found new ways to create different looks with paint, stain and various types of reclaimed wood. Chris decided to name his company Shovel Town Flag Company, in honor of the town of Easton where he has lived his whole life and works as a Firefighter/Paramedic and General Contractor. Easton is known as the “Shovel Town” because the Ames Shovel Company was established there in the 1800s. Every flag created by Chris is a one of a kind, the reclaimed wood has come from many old homes in Easton. The flags can have lettering burned into the wood, with either patriotic sayings or names and dates. Some of the specialty flags offered are thin blue or red lines for police and fire, military flags and many more. Please contact Chris for more information on the Shovel Town Flag Company.